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Equipping the Next Generation of Creators & Makers through coding, critical thinking, and leadership skills.
Code for Life is a faith-driven, high-poverty-neighborhood-focused life and technology code skill-building program designed to equip young people to thrive in our data & digitally driven economy.

83% of jobs paying below $20.00 an hour & 31% of those paying between $20.00-$40.00 will be replaced!

– 2016 White House Report “Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy”

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Code for Life is an exciting new partnership dedicated to equipping young people with the life & tech skills they will need to thrive in the new economy by teaching young people coding in the areas of web development. Through a unique collaborative effort with Nyack College, Bowery Mission, Young Life, Bronx River Houses, local churches, and the tech community, students in Harlem & in the South Bronx are becoming tomorrows Creators & Makers! In particular, they are learning Web Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and Agile Methods that will culminate with a Capstone project where they will have developed a website using the tools they learn through our Creator & Maker Cross Training!

Equipping the Next Generation of Creators & Makers





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Code for Life Fall Cohort October 4th - January 27th!

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